2023 Tax Reappraisal Estimator

Estimated Impact on 2023 Property Valuations


2023 Tax Reappraisal Estimator

My Office continues to prioritize transparency and openness and shares your concerns about how recent state-mandated property valuations may affect your property tax through increased inside millage. The Ohio Department of Taxation has ordered that Geauga County’s residential real estate values for tax purposes must increase an average of 29.5%.

Inside Millage is an unvoted tax permitted by the Ohio Constitution, capped at 10 mills total. In most of Geauga County, inside millage is shared between the County (25%), School Districts (45%), and your properties Local Government (30%). Inside millage changes proportionally to valuation change, currently calculated at $ 1 of taxation for every $ 1,000 of assessed property value; or $ 35 of taxation for every $ 100,000 of appraised value.

We created our 2023 Tax Reappraisal Tax Estimator to help you estimate your property’s increase or decrease in taxes due to our county’s state-mandated Reappraisal. Please keep in mind that the 2023 Tax Reappraisal Estimator’s information is not an official representation of your exact tax liability. Instead, it is an estimate designed to help by giving an idea of what to expect.

Our hope is that this estimator helps you remain informed. Please reach out to my Office if you have any questions or concerns. If you have any questions, please email the Auditor’s Office at [email protected] or call 440-279-1601. We are here to help you as best we can within the legal confines dictated to us by Columbus.

Charles E. Walder
Geauga County Auditor


The 2023 Tax Reappraisal Estimator only evaluates INSIDE MILLAGE effects. Other tax increases may apply.