maintain fair and equal market values

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Appraisal Office

The main function of the appraisal department is to maintain fair and equal market values of all real estate and manufactured homes in the county. This is done through the sexennial reappraisals, triennial updates, and annual new construction valuations.

The appraisal office also implements the farm (CAUV) and forestry programs, hears value complaints through the Board of Revision hearings, transfers manufactured home titles, verifies sales information, makes property corrections per mapping and deeds, executes land changes, maintains property record cards, maintains new construction permit tracking, administers tax exemptions and abatements, and assists taxpayers with appraisal and property tax questions.


Get in Touch

Direct Line: (440) 279-1601
Phone: (440) 285-2222 (Ext. 1601)
Newbury and Burton Residents: 1-888-714-0006 (Ext. 1601)

What determines your property’s value? The three best indicators of value are the market sales price, an independently prepared appraisal by a certified appraiser, and comparable sales of similar homes in your neighborhood. As a homeowner, it’s also helpful to talk with a realtor and know the housing market in your area.

What DOES affect your property’s value and what does NOT? The following factors do affect your property’s value: changes to your overall square footage, additions to your home, additional outbuildings, and major improvements requiring a building permit. The following factors do not affect your property’s value: minor interior updates like new carpet, new appliances, and fixtures, changes to your landscaping, and changes to your driveway surface like concrete/asphalt.

If you as a homeowner have a valuation issue, you may request an informal review and hearing with one of our appraisers. You may file an appeal if you have solid evidence that proves at least one of three criteria:

  • Inaccurate or mislabeled property information, such as a carport instead of a garage
  • The estimated market value is too high, and you have evidence that similar properties have sold for less such as bank appraisal comparable sales
  • The estimated market value is inequitable because it’s higher than estimated values of similar properties