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Owner Occupancy Credit

This page will allow you to determine whether or not your property receives an Owner Occupancy Credit and if so, how much you are saving. Use the search features below to view this information. If you qualify and want to fill out a form to apply for the Owner Occupancy Credit, you will need to go to the Owner Occupancy Credit application form.

Owner Occupancy Credit

Find Out if You Qualify

Please read the instructions before downloading and completing the application.


To receive the Owner Occupancy Credit, you must own and occupy your home as your principal place of residence (domicile) on January 1 of the year you file for the rollback. A homeowner and spouse are entitled to this homestead tax rollback on only one home in Ohio.

Current Application:

If you are applying for the Owner Occupancy Credit for the first time this year, check the box for Application for This Year.

Late Application:

If you believe that you also qualified for the Owner Occupancy Credit for last year, but did not file an application last year, you may file a Late Application with the application for this year. When you file late application, check the box on the second application at Application for Last Year. File both applications with the Auditor at the same time.


The lines following Parcel No. and Tax District are for the parcel number of your home and for the taxing district in which it is located. Both of these can be found on your tax bill. If you cannot locate them, contact your county Auditor. In the line following Names of Owners of the Home list the names of all owners. If all the names are not on your tax bill, list the names as they appear on the deed to your home.