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Tax Year 2023 Levy Changes (2024 Collection Year)

The following illustrates levy changes in Geauga County’s 33 Taxing Districts.

Change per $100,000 is only reflective of millage changes due to levies listed below.

Non-Qualifying Levy (10% and Owner Occupancy Credits do not apply).

Please note that this is a general indication of levy changes. Increases/Decreases may differ due to changes in your individual property’s value and any other reductions you may qualify for.

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This page will allow you to find the current taxes on an existing or hypothetical piece of property using tax data from the 2023 Tax Rates table.
Tax Rates
The Tax Rates are certified for the listed year as approved by the Geauga County Budget Commission, certified by each taxing district to the County Auditor, with the effective tax rates as certified by the Department of Tax Equalization applied in December of their respective years.

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