General Accounting

administration for the county

jurisdiction on property assessment

Administration & Distribution of Tax Revenues

The Auditor is the permanent Secretary of the Board of Revision, whose members also include the President of the County Commissioners and the County Treasurer. It is the responsibility of the Board of Revision to rule with original jurisdiction on property assessment rolls prior to issuance of the real estate tax duplicate and to hear property valuation complaints.

Automatic Data Processing Board

Accounting for All County Funds

The Board of County Commissioners have established, by Resolution, a County Automatic Data Processing Board. The Auditor is the Chief Administrator and permanent Secretary of the Automatic Data Processing Board. Board membership also includes the County Treasurer, the Clerk of Courts, the Recorder, the County Engineer, two members of the Board of Elections, and a County Commissioner, or a representative appointed by each. No County office shall purchase, lease, operate, or contract for the use of any Data Processing equipment without prior approval of the Board.

annually review the tax budgets

Administration of the County Payroll

The Auditor is the permanent Secretary of the Budget Commission, which also includes the County Treasurer and the County Prosecutor. It is the responsibility of the Budget Commission to annually review the tax budgets of all taxing districts within the County and to determine that all tax levies are properly authorized. In addition, the Commission allocates to local governments and libraries the monies for which they are eligible.