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Dog Licensing

Ohio Law requires that you license your dog. Dogs without licenses can be impounded by the dog warden and you could face a possible fine. A license tag attached to your dog’s collar proves ownership and is your pet’s ticket home if he gets lost. With that number, the County Auditor’s office can help you find your lost dog.

The annual license renewal period is December 1st – January 31st. If you get a new puppy, you must buy a license by the time he reaches three months old. If you have just moved into the county or if you just acquired a new dog, you must purchase a license within 30 days.

Dog licenses and tags are issued by the County Auditor’s Office. The County Auditor issues one-year, three-year, and permanent tags. Fees vary by county. Licenses are dog specific and no refunds can be issued for any tag sold.

Please contact the County Auditor’s Office if you move so records are kept up-to-date.

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