Auditor Walder’s Geauga Connected produces new website

July 22, 2021




Bainbridge Township Unveils New Site

CHARDON, OHIO – July 21th, 2021 – Geauga County Auditor Charles E. Walder’s Geauga Connected initiative, provided by Geauga County’s Automatic Data Processing (“ADP”) Center, has produced a new website for Bainbridge Township. By law, Auditor Walder is the Administrator the ADP Center, which handles Geauga County’s IT service. Bainbridge’s website at has been modernized for an improved user experience to better serve its residents.

“Geauga Connected is a service that makes affordable, manageable, and feature-packed websites available to eligible political subdivisions, like Bainbridge Township, and other public entities in Geauga County,” said Auditor Walder. “With Geauga Connected, ADP helps link local governments with their residents, keeping them connected and informed.”

Geauga Connected is administered by ADP, and political subdivisions may enter into an agreement with ADP to obtain services under ADP’s standard price list. From there, Company 119, a local Geauga County website developer, guides the process of building a new website for the subdivision. Through Geauga Connected, important website elements—such as advanced search, calendar of events, business/organization directory, employee portal, and surveys—are all possible. Geauga County political subdivisions may request this service by filling out the form on or by calling ADP at (440) 279-1345.

For more information, please contact Kate Jacob by email at [email protected] or phone (440) 279-1629.