For Immediate Release:  Auditor’s Office Distributes Further COVID-19 Funds

October 8, 2020



$6.7 million in Additional Relief Money being Distributed

CHARDON, OHIO, October 8th, 2020 – Geauga County Auditor Charles E. Walder announced that the Geauga County Treasury received a third distribution of COVID-19 relief money under the CARES Act, which was channeled through House Bill 481 and allocated to Geauga County. The Auditor’s Office paid this total sum of $6,749,422.86 into Geauga County’s existing County Coronavirus Relief Distribution fund for distribution to eligible subdivisions, with $3,374,711.43 going to Geauga County.

As in the past, the distribution of this portion is being locally administered through the Auditor’s Office in conjunction with guidelines established by the Ohio Office of Budget and Management (OBM) and in cooperation with the Geauga County Prosecutor’s Office.

Under House Bill 614, this distribution is based on the most recent population estimates, as published by the Ohio Development Services Agency. The previous two distributions were based on Local Government Fund calculations. Geauga County, and the City, Villages, and Townships located within it have until November 20, 2020, to use these funds. Any funds not encumbered will be returned to Geauga County for redistribution. The estimated distribution is attached.

To help local governments navigate through CARES Act distributions, the Geauga County Auditor’s Office and the Geauga County Prosecutor’s Office have conducted training sessions. A video of their training presentation, as well as related guidance documents and informative links about COVID-19 relief from the CARES Act, are available at

“We are here to assist local officials in properly utilizing COVID-19 relief,” stated Auditor Walder. “Through responsible fiscal management and collaboration, together we best serve the good people of Geauga County.”

For more information, please contact Kate Jacob by email at [email protected] or phone (440) 279 1629.

Allocations to Political Subdivisions Under HB 614

County Political Subdivision Name Population HB 614 Allocation
to Subdivision
Geauga Geauga County 93,649 3,374,711.43
Geauga Aquilla village 338 12,180.08
Geauga Burton village 1,451 52,287.87
Geauga Chardon city 5,159 185,908.41
Geauga Hunting Valley village (pt.) 114 4,108.07
Geauga Middlefield village 2,700 97,296.51
Geauga South Russell village 3,744 134,917.83
Geauga Auburn township 6,492 233,944.05
Geauga Bainbridge township 11,437 412,140.80
Geauga Burton township 2,976 107,242.38
Geauga Chardon township 4,616 166,341.00
Geauga Chester township 10,265 369,906.92
Geauga Claridon township 2,870 103,422.59
Geauga Hambden township 4,716 169,944.57
Geauga Huntsburg township 3,656 131,746.68
Geauga Middlefield township 4,486 161,656.35
Geauga Montville township 1,997 71,963.38
Geauga Munson township 6,643 239,385.45
Geauga Newbury township 5,545 199,818.20
Geauga Parkman township 4,145 149,368.16
Geauga Russell township 5,198 187,313.80
Geauga Thompson township 2,274 81,945.28
Geauga Troy township 2,827 101,873.05
TOTAL 187,298 $6,749,422.86