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The Geauga County Auditor is responsible to provide transparency and accountability for your tax dollars.

This page provides taxpayers with information and resources on current issues in local government accountability.

2023 Tax Reappraisal Estimator

The Ohio Department of Taxation has mandated an average 29.5% increase in residential real estate values for tax purposes.

In an effort to prioritize transparency and openness, we’ve put together a tool to help residents estimate their property’s potential tax changes and remain informed.

The 2023 Tax Reappraisal Estimator only evaluates inside millage effects. Other tax increases may apply.

This calculator is an estimate of your inside millage taxation as HB 920 limits the increase on your voted levies.

The Local Government portion of this increase will be mitigated by an offsetting reduction of outside millage levy collection pursuant to Resolutions passed by the following entities: Bainbridge Township, Claridon Township, Burton Village, Newbury Township, Russell Township, Burton Township, City of Chardon, Troy Township, Parkman, Montville, Hambden, Thompson, Munson, Middlefield, Chester, and South Russell Village.


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For Local Governments
For Local Governments
Information specific to the City, Villages, Townships, Parks, Libraries, Schools, and other taxing authorities in the County.

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First Quarter 2023

The first quarter of 2023 we will be especially busy at your service driven by deadlines:

  • Taxes are typically billed in January (first half) and June (second half) of each year and are always due on the second Wednesday of February and the second Wednesday of July.
  • Registration of the County’s dog population renewal (licenses) deadline is January 31st, 2023.


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